Whats a
Bowl Grabber?

Someone who holds their wine glass by the bowl and not the stem.

Something that’s looked down on in polite wine society because it changes the temperature of the wine.

But who can honestly say they always serve their wine at the correct temperature (or that they even know what that temperature is!)

So for us it’s simply a sign that you like to enjoy your wine without worrying about the ‘do’s and don’ts!

Our Ethos

Easy Drinking Wine

We've got a master of wine on the team and it's his job to scour the globe for exciting wines that are easy to drink and represent great value!

That Can Be Grabbed Any Time

Not everyone wants to drink a whole bottle – and not every occasion calls for one! Which is why our wine comes in bottles, bag-in-box and cans.

To be enjoyed. Not endlessly discussed.

Because wine should be about enjoyment not etiquette.

Master of Wine?

A Master of Wine you say? What’s that?

It’s a lofty but deserving title; the highest wine designation a person can earn. There are fewer than 400 in the world, more people can say they have been into space than can call themselves a Master Of Wine!