Rosé Can (250ml)
Rosé Can (250ml)
Rosé Can (250ml)

Rosé Can (250ml)


Elegant Rosé wine from the south of France is having quite the moment (and a price tag to match!) however those in the know, such as our Master of Wine, have a little secret; Rosé IGP Mediterranée is produced in a small area within the Côte d’Azur It has the same trademark pale, nearly orange colour and crisp refreshing style as the best Rosé wines. So despite having a much more difficult to pronounce name, this hidden gem is every bit as enjoyable as its très chic cousin.

This 250ml slimline can is perfect for a single serve, be that a weeknight at home or an afternoon in the park. 

Full On
Selected by a Master of Wine
Equivalent to 1/3 Bottle
Cinsault Grenache & Syrah Grapes
Made in France
12% ABV

To be enjoyed, not endlessly discussed