How many ml in a bottle of wine?

How many ml in a bottle of wine is not something we often think about when purchasing our favourite tipples. As the majority of wines on the shelves are in the same size bottle, we are usually more preoccupied with the price or label. But how did the standard bottle size come to be - and how much wine are you getting for your money? Read on for the answers to these questions and more.

How many ml in a bottle of wine?

When we say ‘a bottle of wine’, the majority of the time we’re talking about a standard sized wine bottle, which contains 750ml. When you think about it, this seems like an odd measurement to use as standard, doesn’t it? In fact, there’s an interesting reason why a standard wine bottle is 750ml. Before measurements existed, at a time when glassblowers were making bottles, people needed a way to replicate the same bottle time and time again. The solution? One exhale of the glassblower’s breath created the perfect size for a bottle of wine - which is why wine bottles today still use this measurement!

How many glasses of wine in a bottle?

So now we know the amount of wine in a bottle, how many glasses will this fill? Depending on the size of the glass you’re drinking from, typically you can get 4-5 medium-sized glasses of wine from a 750ml bottle. If you’re in the comfort of your own home, we’ll bet you just slosh any old amount into your glass, but when you’re out and about, most restaurants, bars and pubs offer three different serving sizes for wine: 125ml, 175ml and 250ml - or small, medium and large. Bear in mind that a large glass is equal to drinking one third of a bottle and you might not feel so fresh the next day if you have too many of those!

Wine bottle sizes

Although the 75cl bottle is standard, there are plenty of other enjoyable formats for wine. For example, the rather sweet piccolo (187cl) contains a perfect single serving of wine - ideal for a flight or a supper for one. At the other end of the spectrum we find the 1.5L magnum (two standard bottles), the 4.5L Jeroboam (six standard bottles) and the truly gargantuan 9L Salmanazar, containing 12 standard bottles, or a whole case of wine! You’ll be needing a fair few wine-loving friends to help you tackle behemoths like this.


Bag-In-Box and canned wine

When you’re after a glass of vino, you don’t always have to go by the bottle. Bag-In-Box or pouch formats can hold 2.25L of wine - plus you don’t have to worry about the wine going off once opened. This format is perfect for those who like to enjoy a single glass every now and again. If you’re planning a trip to the beach or want to enjoy a couple of tinnies in the park and don’t want to lug heavy bottles around, go for cans instead. 

There we have wine in all its many magnificent shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a piccolo, go mad for a magnum, or you think Bag-In-Box is best, you can be sure there’s a wine format out there for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a glass, fill up and drink deep. And if you forget to measure out the exact amount first? Your secret’s safe with us. 


For more wine knowledge

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